MC2100 S



  • Up to 4 independent fanciers
  • Up to 2000 birds
  • Contains all previous function of the existing TIPES system
  • 100% compatible to existing TIPES system
  • Extended manipulation-protection
  • Program update through software download
  • Software update of the attached system-
    components (antennas) only through the
    MC2100 Master
  • Self-test and extensive diagnosisfunctions of the MC2100
  • Configuration-recognition of the attached
  • Self-test and diagnosis for the attached
  • Check-up of the “picked birds” on plausibility
  • Picked-birds suggestion through MC2100
  • Performance data storage (history)
  • Big data memory
  • MC2100 backup function
  • Multi clock function
  • Big program memory
  • Higher rotational speeds as another
  • Real time clock or GPS


  • Universal Standard Tipes Bus
    connection for the new antenna-generation
    (maximum 32 antennas; optional. until
    64 antennas)
  • Serial printer or PC
  • USB Port Type-C
  • Race-office-unit or reading unit
  • 1 x antenna directly or SUPRA


  • Continuously clocking function
  • SMS

MC2100 S
TIPES Remote Knock Off
TIPES One-Loft-Race