TIPES “eST” Signature

“eST” Tipes Signature. An invention of Tipes.

What is “TIPES – Signature”?

By the system manufacturer to be in addition to data records with a “signature” provided.
These data include: date, assignments, gambling information, all Clock information, Basketing and registration time.

What does this mean in practice?

For manufacturers, associations and breeders in common: An examination of the data is clearly determined by their signature, if the data comes from this machine or not!
To make matters even more interesting: This test can be done via the Internet.
The tiresome discussions with the question “how well he has done?” Are finally removed from the soil.
Documents are used as evidence, and finally testable.

The Future

If the “TIPES – signature” embedded in the data transfer to the administrative tools, there are cost savings that will be immense.

The steps and requirements for “paperless” office use.

First step:
Systems and their components:
According to the associations’ rules, only systems or system components are used that have an international certificate examination. Major component of this test is to ensure the internal and external security of the system to avoid possible manipulation procedures.
After the registration takes place in the country. While making all the same, this does still not the same. This is due to the different travel and registration regulations.

Second step:
Electronic rings:
The new FCI regulations, effective from 2011, stipulate that the responsibility lies with the system manufacturer. Only the system manufacturers can ensure their system for optimum operability between electronic and read-/write ring.
This provision prevents double (self-plagiarism) or Clonringe (plagiarism) are used, which have no certificate. If several companies are programming in a defined number range electronic rings, which can not be verified.

Each ring has to be unique!

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TIPES One-Loft-Race
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